A research project about feature filmmaking in Ontario.

Focus on Features: The Future of Filmmaking in Ontario aims to understand the underlying factors that shape the professional and life experiences of film directors, producers, writers, and other industry stakeholders. We will gather information through our survey and a series of interviews. Our findings will be made into a series of documentary digests of personal reflections of film directors, producers, and writers at various stages in their careers. We will also publish a report on our survey results, which will be available for download on this website in Fall 2018.

The project is partnership between the Directors Guild of Canada – National and Ontario – (DGC), the Producers Roundtable of Ontario (PRO), Writer’s Guild of Canada (WGC), and researchers at Ryerson University.


Thursday, November 29, 2018 at The Oakham House, Toronto

By invitation only.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the launch organizers (see contact page).





By exploring the career paths of established film directors, producers, writers, and the obstacles facing these three groups of emerging professionals, the study lays the groundwork for establishing the best practices for growing the next generation of successful film directors, producers, and writers.

Focus on Features - Trailer

  • “Feature Film has long been an extraordinarily versatile and dynamic way to reflect Ontario’s many facets to people everywhere in the world. As viewing habits and delivery systems shift, it is time to do a deep dive and glean the lessons we need to develop innovative film directors, writers, and producers of the future.”

    Tim Southam - President of the Director’s Guild of Canada.

This project is made possible thanks to our partners and collaborators

Harold Greenberg Fund
Director's Guild of Canada
Writer's Guild of Canada
Ryerson University