Project Partners

Project Partners


Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries. For more information, visit

Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada is a team of some 200 professionals serving the industry from four offices located across Canada. Dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of Canada’s audiovisual industry, Telefilm, through its various funding and promotion programs, supports dynamic companies and creative talent here at home and around the world.

Telefilm’s driving goal is, as it has been since 2011, to continue to stimulate demand for and access to Canadian productions – in Canada and everywhere, from big screens to those still being invented, and every platform in-between. For more information, visit

Harold Greenberg Fund

The Harold Greenberg Fund/Le Fonds Harold Greenberg is a national funding organization that supports the development of Canadian dramatic feature films. Since 1986, we have invested almost $84 million in the Canadian film and television industry. That’s over 3,892 projects. For more information, visit

Director's Guild of Canada

Directors Guild of Canada: The Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) is a national labour organisation that represents over 4000 key creative and logistical personnel in the screen-based industry covering all areas of direction, design, production and editing. The DGC negotiates and administers collective agreements and lobbies extensively on issues of concern for Members including Canadian content conditions, CRTC regulations and ensuring that funding is maintained for Canadian film and television programming.

DGC Ontario: The Directors Guild of Canada Ontario (DGC Ontario) is a provincial labour organization representing more than 2000 key creative and logistical personnel working in the screen-based industries in the areas of direction, design, production, locations, accounting and editing. DGC Ontario secures work opportunities for its Members, represents their interests through the negotiation and administration of collective agreements, and engages in extensive industry advocacy and lobbying activities at the provincial and municipal levels.

PRO (Producer’s Roundtable of Ontario) is a caucus and coalition of Ontario-based producers of Canadian feature films (fiction and non-fiction) in which they own and control copyright. PRO members work together on advocacy initiatives specific to the development, production and distribution of Ontario feature films.

Principal Investigator

Ryerson University

Ryerson University is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-oriented education.  Urban, culturally diverse and inclusive, the university is home to more than 41,500 students, including 2,400 master’s and PhD students, 3,200 faculty and staff, and nearly 170,000 alumni worldwide. For more information, visit

Participating Partners

Writer's Guild of Canada

The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) represents more than 2,200 professional English-language screenwriters across Canada. These are the creators who write the distinctly Canadian entertainment we enjoy on our televisions, movie screens, and digital platforms. For more information, visit or on Twitter, @WGCtweet.


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